spotlight: fall picks from Topshop

Topshop is currently featuring some amazing fall pieces that are too spectacular not to share. The most unique item has to be the white strappy step hem dress [only $84] which would be ideal for a dressy occasion in the warmer fall months. The red quilted sweater [only $76] or the fuchsia a-line roll neck shift dress [only $80] would be great for adding some color to your fall wardrobe. I’m just crazy about the ‘Matie’ two-tone shoes [only $68] and think they would be the perfect dressy casual shoes for the season. If you’re looking for a fall-friendly leather bag, the black leather tote with gold hardware [only $150] is stunning and would be perfect for year-round wear. 


1. Strappy Step Hem Dress [only $84]. 2. Long Sleeve Panel Shirt [only $72]. 3. ‘Aubrey’ Open Side Chunky Boots [only $150]. 4. Knitted Angora Cable Jumper [only $92]. 5. Brushed Mixed Shape Collar Necklace [only $30]. 6. Fluro Embroided Pencil Dress [only $156]. 7. ‘Matie’ Two Tone Monk Shoe [only $68]. 8. Daisy Print Side Split Coat [only $160]. 9. Cut-Out Clamp Bracelet [only $25]. 10. Leather and Denim Mix Kilt [only $110]. 11. Knitted Quilted Jumper [only $76]. 12. Plated Leather Tote [only $150]. 13. A-Line Roll Neck Shift Dress [only $80]. 14. Tribal Scribble Jersey Tapered Trousers [only $56].